To browse and borrow eBooks from our collection, sign in to Missouri Libraries 2 Go:

Click link to go to Missouri Libraries 2 Go:

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Click their “Sign In” link
  2. Choose Neosho Newton County Library
  3. Enter your library card number & PIN


Additional links for borrowing or lending eBooks:


(No workshops are scheduled at this time. You are, however, welcome to come into the library for a quick setup or to answer questions!) 

Attention tablet owners:

OverDrive app is now available for most tablets / eReaders and available through the app store of your device.
This is the most efficient way to read eBooks and listen to audio books from Missouri Libraries 2 Go.

This link will allow you to select your brand of tablet / device
and list the steps you need to follow to start reading eBooks.

You can watch videos here for help with specific devices.

Tips for Kindle readers:

(NoteKindle Fire owners may now download the OverDrive app from the Kindle App Store and checkout eBooks and eAudiobooks through that app without having to do the procedures listed here under. You will also need to do a one time setup to register your device app. When you initiate a borrow procedure, check out the EPUB version – NOT THE KINDLE VERSION – to read the eBook on your Kindle through the Overdrive app. In the long run, this new app reduces a few steps from the process listed below.)

  1. Sign on to in the upper right, thereafter selecting Neosho Newton County Library and entering your library card number (without spaces) and your pin (usually last four of Social Security number or driver’s license number, which ever you used to apply for your library card.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account in another tab or window on your web browser.


For a black & white Kindle, you will only be able to check out eBooks first only through a computer, then later “pick up” via wifi or through a usb cable attached to your computer or laptop.

Browse the website of to find a book that you would like to check out.

You may limit the display of titles by clicking in the box under “Show me:” and select, “Only show titles with copies available“.

For desired title, click on the book cover then select “Borrow”. Please note that not all eBooks are available in Kindle format. If it is available in Kindle format then click on “Select Format” and then “Kindle” then click on “Confirm and Download”. (You may be required by the publisher to download to your computer and connect your Kindle to your computer via USB cable. Please view the video to review the process.

If you want more books (you may check out up to 5 titles at a time) repeat the process above.

Library loans will only be transferred through wifi or USB – NO library books will be transferred through 3G. (If you have a 3G only model Kindle, you must transfer through USB. When your Kindle is connected to wifi, and you sync with Amazon, your library book will appear in your Kindle’s library list.

NOTE: Some publishers require the transfer of library eBooks to Kindle only via USB.


Most newer models of Kindle will support MP3 audio books only (not WMA audiobooks) (a headphone jack on your Kindle is a good indication that it supports audio). The procedure is similar to checking out eBooks through the Overdrive Media Console app.