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New Adult Fiction December 2023

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A fire in the flesh - ARMENTROUT, JENNIFER Flesh 3

The wonder of it all - BRADFORD, BARBARA Falconer 3

Marshaling her heart - CONNEALY, MARY Wyoming 3

Manner of death - COOK, ROBIN

Unnatural death - CORNWELL, PATRICIA Kay 27

Lone Oaks Crossing - DAILEY, JANET Americana 8

Iwo, 26 Charlie - DEUTERMANN, P. T. WWII 10

A brighter dawn - GOULD, LESLIE Amish

This passing hour - GOULD, LESLIE Amish 2

Friends don't fall in love - HAHN, ERIN

A different kind of gone - HYDE, CATHERINE

The Chosen : and I will give you rest - JENKINS, JERRY Chosen

The talk of Coyote Canyon - NOVAK, BRENDA Coyote 2

America fantastica - O'BRIEN, TIM

The beasts of Paris - PENNEY, STEF

The Christmas guest - SWANSON, PETER

The mysteries - WATTERSON, BILL

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