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Adult Nonfiction May-June 2024

The secret lives of booksellers and librarians : true stories of the magic of reading

Patterson, James 1947-

Living the artist's way : an intuitive path to greater creativity : a six-week artist's way program

Cameron, Julia

Supercommunicators : how to unlock the secret language of connection

Duhigg, Charles

Amphibious soul : finding the wild in a tame world

Foster, Craig (Filmmaker)

The courage to be disliked : the Japanese phenomenon that shows you how to change your life and achieve real happiness

Kishimi, Ichirō 1956-

The pathway to success : letting God lead you to a life of meaning and purpose

Meyer, Joyce

Languishing : how to feel alive again in a world that wears you down

Keyes, Corey L. M.

It's not you : identifying and healing from narcissistic people

Durvasula, Ramani

The cure for burnout : how to find balance and reclaim your life

Ballesteros, Emily

The other significant others : reimagining life with friendship at the center

Cohen, Rhaina

Reading Genesis

Robinson, Marilynne

The devil's best trick : how the face of evil disappeared

Sullivan, Randall

Untangle your emotions : naming what you feel and knowing what to do about it

Allen, Jennie

Mostly what God does : reflections on seeking and finding His love everywhere

Guthrie, Savannah

Finding God's will for your life : discovering the plans God has for you

Meyer, Joyce 1943-

American Zion : a new history of Mormonism

Park, Benjamin E.

The anxious generation : how the great rewiring of childhood is causing an epidemic of mental illness

Haidt, Jonathan

We've got issues : how you can stand strong for America's soul and sanity

McGraw, Phillip C. 1950-

Fight right : how successful couples turn conflict into connection

Gottman, Julie Schwartz

I can fix this : and other lies I told myself while parenting my struggling child

Kuzmič, Kristina

Briefly perfectly human : making an authentic life by getting real about the end

Arthur, Alua

Attack from within : how disinformation is sabotaging America

McQuade, Barbara

Means of control : how the hidden alliance of tech and government is creating a new American surveillance state

Tau, Byron

How to get a green card

Bray, Ilona M. 1962-

Estate planning basics

Clifford, Denis

I survived capitalism and all I got was this lousy t-shirt : everything I wish I never had to learn about money

Pendleton, Madeline

Beyond getting by : the financial diet's guide to abundant and intentional living

Trantham, Holly

Invest like a girl : jump into the stock market, reach your money goals, and build wealth

Spangler, Jessica

Not the end of the world : how we can be the first generation to build a sustainable planet

Ritchie, Hannah 1993-

The year of living constitutionally : one man's humble quest to follow the Constitution's original meaning

Jacobs, A. J. 1968-

The small business start-up kit

Pakroo, Peri

Renters' rights

O'Connell, Ann 1947-

The end of everything : how wars descend into annihilation

Hanson, Victor Davis

Nuclear war : a scenario

Jacobsen, Annie

Stand by me : a guide to navigating modern, meaningful caregiving

Applebaum, Allison

All in her head : the truth and lies early medicine taught us about women's bodies and why it matters today

Comen, Elizabeth

Long haul : hunting the highway serial killers

Figliuzzi, Frank

The thefts of the Mona Lisa : the complete story of the world's most famous artwork

Charney, Noah 1979-

Nolo's guide to social security disability : getting & keeping your benefits

Morton, David A. 1945-

Social Security, Medicare & government pensions : get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits

Matthews, J. L. 1946-

The everything war : Amazon's ruthless quest to own the world and remake corporate power

Mattioli, Dana

How to win friends and influence fungi : collected quirks of science, tech, engineering, and math from nerd nite

The field guide to citizen science : how you can contribute to scientific research and make a difference

Cavalier, Darlene

Alien Earths : the new science of planet hunting in the cosmos

Kaltenegger, Lisa 1977-

Our moon : how Earth's celestial companion transformed the planet, guided evolution, and made us who we are

Boyle, Rebecca (Rebecca B.)

The asteroid hunter : a scientist's journey to the dawn of our solar system

Lauretta, D. S. (Dante S.) 1970-

The light eaters : how the unseen world of plant intelligence offers a new understanding of life on Earth

Schlanger, Zoë

Every living thing : the great and deadly race to know all life

Roberts, Jason (President of Panmedia Corporation)

The complete mushroom hunter : an illustrated guide to foraging, harvesting and enjoying wild mushrooms : including new sections on growing your own edibles and off-season collecting

Lincoff, Gary

Animal : the definitive visual guide

Big meg : the story of the largest and most mysterious predator that ever lived

Flannery, Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof) 1956-

The backyard bird chronicles

Tan, Amy

Save the last dance : a story of North American Grassland grouse

Paothong, Noppadol.

Good energy : the surprising connection between metabolism and limitless health

Means, Casey

Blood : the science, medicine, and mythology of menustration

Gunter, Jen

The menopause brain : new science empowers women to navigate the pivotal transition with knowledge and confidence

Mosconi, Lisa

Mayo Clinic on healthy aging : an easy and comprehensive guide to keeping your body young, your mind sharp and your spirit fulfilled

This book may save your life

Rajan, Karan

Younger for life : feel great and look your best with the new science of autojuvenation

Youn, Anthony M.D

The power foods diet : the breakthrough plan that traps, tames, and burns calories for easy and permanent weight loss

Barnard, Neal D. 1953-

The full-body fat fix : the science-based 7-day plan to cool inflammation, heal your gut, and build a healthier, leaner you!

Perrine, Stephen

Game plan : a proven approach to work, live, and play at the highest level possible--for as long as possible

Mancias, Mike

Magic pill : the extraordinary benefits and disturbing risks of the new weight-loss drugs

Hari, Johann

Gut check : unleash the power of your microbiome to reverse disease and transform your mental, physical, and emotional health

Gundry, Steven R.

Rethinking diabetes : what science reveals about diet, insulin, and successful treatments

Taubes, Gary

The hunger habit : why we eat when we're not hungry and how to stop

Brewer, Judson

Change your diet, change your mind : a powerful plan to improve mood, overcome anxiety, and protect memory for a lifetime of optimal mental health

Ede, Georgia

How to ADHD : an insider's guide to working with your brain (not against it)

McCabe, Jessica 1982-

The autoimmune cure : healing the trauma and other triggers that have turned your body against you

Gottfried, Sara Szal

A fatal inheritance : how a family misfortune revealed a deadly medical mystery

Ingrassia, Lawrence

The new menopause : navigating your path through hormonal change with purpose, power, and facts

Haver, Mary Claire (Medical doctor)

Vegetable gardening made easy : simple tips & tricks to grow your best garden ever

Gala, Resh

The self-sufficiency garden : feed your family and save money

Richards, Huw 1999-

The backyard homestead guide to growing organic food : a crop-by-crop reference for 62 vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs

Cobb, Tanya Denckla 1956-

The cut flower handbook : select, plant, grow, and harvest gorgeous blooms

Ziegler, Lisa Mason

Puppy brain : how our dogs learn, think, and love

Nichols, Kerry

Dogland : passion, glory, and lots of slobber at the Westminster Dog Show

Tomlinson, Tommy

The ultimate wildlife habitat garden : attract and support birds, bees, and butterflies

Tornio, Stacy

Self-sufficiency handbook

Bridgewater, Alan

The unofficial Ted Lasso cookbook : from biscuits to BBQ, 50 recipes inspired by TV's most loveable football team

Berry, Aki

Indulge : delicious and decadent dishes to enjoy and share

Bertinelli, Valerie 1960-

Open wide : a cookbook for friends

Blanco, Benny

Milk Street 365 : the all-purpose cookbook for every day of the year

Kimball, Christopher

Food gifts : 150+ irresistible recipes for crafting personalized presents

Scott, Elle Simone

Make it fancy : cooking at home with Sad Papi

Skier, Brandon

Seriously, so good : simple recipes for a balanced life

Stanton, Carissa

Everyday delicious : 30 minute(ish) home-cooked meals made simple

DiSpirito, Rocco

Cooking in real life : delicious & doable recipes for every day

Heuck, Lidey

The Noom kitchen : 100 healthy, delicious, flexible recipes for every day

Sussman, Adeena.

The Ikaria way : 100 delicious plant-based recipes inspired by my homeland, the Greek island of longevity

Kochilas, Diane

Joyfull : cook effortlessly, eat freely, live radiantly

Devlukia-Shetty, Radhi

Vegan mob : vegan BBQ & soul food

Gordon, Toriano 1979-

Nourish : simple recipes to empower your body and feed your soul

Bündchen, Gisele 1980-

At my Italian table : family recipes from my cucina to yours

Vitale, Laura 1986-

Keep it zesty : a celebration of Lebanese flavors & culture from Edy's Grocer

Massih, Edy

My Mexican mesa, y listo! : beautiful flavors, family style

Martinez, Jenny

Gourmet weeds : Ozark grannies' secrets

Kelley, Kerry

The vegetable eater : the new playbook for cooking vegetarian

Mangini, Cara

The complete beans & grains cookbook : a comprehensive guide with 450+ recipes

Small batch bakes : baking cakes, cookies, bars and buns for one to six people

Kimber, Edd

Hot sheet : sweet and savory sheet pan recipes for every day and celebrations

Massov, Olga

Anything's pastable : 81 inventive pasta recipes for saucy people

Pashman, Dan

Organize your life

Raising mentally strong kids : how to combine the power of neuroscience with love and logic to grow confident, kind, responsible, and resilient children and young adults

Amen, Daniel G.

The Montessori child : a parent's guide to raising capable children with creative minds and compassionate hearts

Davies, Simone

The breakthrough years : a new scientific framework for raising thriving teens

Galinsky, Ellen

You're not done yet : parenting young adults in an age of uncertainty

Hibbs, B. Janet

Selling the dream : the billion-dollar industry bankrupting Americans

Marie, Jane (Journalist)

The secret life of hidden places : concealed rooms, clandestine passageways, and the curious minds that made them

Bachmann, Stefan

A guide book of United States coins 2025

Yeoman, R. S. (Richard S.)

Handbook of United States coins 2025

Yeoman, R. S. (Richard S.)

House rules : how to decorate for every home, style, and budget

Smith, Myquillyn

The jazzmen : how Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Count Basie transformed America

Tye, Larry

All you need is love : the Beatles in their own words

Brown, Peter 1937-

National Geographic bucket list family travel : share the world with your kids on 50 adventures of a lifetime

Gee, Jessica

Tough broad : from boogie boarding to wing walking--how outdoor adventure improves our lives as we age

Paul, Caroline

1000 words : a writer's guide to staying creative, focused, and productive all year round

The Moth presents a point of beauty : true stories of holding on and letting go

The Holocaust : an unfinished history

Stone, Dan 1971-

The war : an intimate history, 1941-1945

Ward, Geoffrey C.

Beverly Hills spy : the double-agent war hero who helped Japan attack Pearl Harbor

Drabkin, Ronald

Chamber divers : the untold story of the D-day scientists who changed special operations forever

Lance, Rachel

Normal women : 900 years of making history

Gregory, Philippa

Native nations : a millennium in North America

DuVal, Kathleen

The situation room : the inside story of presidents in crisis

Stephanopoulos, George 1961-

Brought forth on this continent : Abraham Lincoln and American immigration

Holzer, Harold

The demon of unrest : a saga of hubris, heartbreak, and heroism at the dawn of the Civil War

Larson, Erik 1954-

The unvanquished : the untold story of Lincoln's special forces, the manhunt for Mosby's Rangers, and the shadow war that forged America's special operations

O'Donnell, Patrick K. 1969-

Voices from Gettysburg : letters, papers, and memoirs from the greatest battle of the Civil War

Guelzo, Allen C.

Throne of grace : a mountain man, an epic adventure, and the bloody conquest of the American West

Drury, Bob

Ghost town living : mining for purpose and chasing dreams at the edge of Death Valley

Underwood, Brent

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