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New Adult Fiction added July 2022

The 6:20 man by Baldacci, David BALDACCI, DAVID

His Amish sweetheart by Beckstrand, Jennifer BECKSTRAND, JENNIFER Petersheim 3

Where the sky begins by Bowen, Rhys BOWEN, RHYS

Into the mist : a novel by Cast, P. C. CAST, P. C.

The hidden one by Castillo, Linda CASTILLO, LINDA Kate 14

The birdcage by Chase, Eve CHASE, EVE

Switchboard soldiers by Chiaverini, Jennifer CHIAVERINI, JENNIFER

Chrysalis by Child, Lincoln CHILD, LINCOLN Dr. Jeremy 6

Island time by Clark, Georgia CLARK, GEORGIA

Edge of dusk by Coble, Colleen COBLE, COLLEEN Annie 1

Inventions of the heart by Connealy, Mary CONNEALY, MARY Lumber 2

Somebody like Santa by Dailey, Janet DAILEY, JANET Christmas 5

Murder spills the tea by Delany, Vicki DELANY, VICKI Tea 3

In her boots by Dell'Antonia, K. J. DELL'ANTONIA, K. J.

Point last seen by Dodd, Christina DODD, CHRISTINA Gothic 1

Look closer by Ellis, David ELLIS, DAVID

Iced by Francis, Felix FRANCIS, FELIX Dick Francis 10

Grace under fire by Garwood, Julie GARWOOD, JULIE Buchanan 14

Pig years by Gaydos, Ellyn GAYDOS, ELLYN

Aura of Night by Graham, Heather GRAHAM, HEATHER Krewe 37

The warmth of sunshine by Irvin, Kelly IRVIN, KELLY Blessings 2

Outside by Ragnar Jónasson JÓNASSON, RAGNAR

The big dark sky by Koontz, Dean R. KOONTZ, DEAN

Robert Ludlum's the Bourne sacrifice by Freeman, Brian LUDLUM, ROBERT Bourne 17

The best is yet to come by Macomber, Debbie MACOMBER, DEBBIE

The record keeper by Martin, Charles MARTIN, CHARLES Murphy 3

The daughter of Doctor Moreau by Moreno-Garcia, Silvia MORENO-GARCIA, SILVIA

Extenuating circumstances by Oates, Joyce Carol OATES, JOYCE

Shattered by Patterson, James PATTERSON, JAMES Michael 14

The retreat by Pearse, Sarah PEARSE, SARAH Detective 2

Beyond the desert sands by Peterson, Tracie PETERSON, TRACIE Love 2

Cold, cold bones by Reichs, Kathy REICHS, KATHY Temperance 21

Holy chow by Rosenfelt, David ROSENFELT, DAVID Andy 25

The one you want by Ryan, Jennifer RYAN, JENNIFER

The friendship pact by Shalvis, Jill SHALVIS, JILL Sunrise 2

Portrait of an unknown woman by Silva, Daniel SILVA, DANIEL Gabriel 22

The sweet remnants of summer by McCall Smith, Alexander SMITH, ALEXANDER Isabel 14

Rising tiger by Thor, Brad THOR, BRAD Scot Harvath 21

Dark objects by Toyne, Simon TOYNE, SIMON

The pallbearers club by Tremblay, Paul TREMBLAY, PAUL

The It girl by Ware, Ruth WARE, RUTH

Black Dog by Woods, Stuart WOODS, STUART Stone 62

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