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New Adult Fiction added June 2022

A rip through time / Armstrong, Kelley ARMSTRONG, KELLEY

Zero hour / Bentley, Don BENTLEY, DON Jack Ryan 9

The omega factor / Berry, Steve BERRY, STEVE

Gilt : a novel / Brenner, Jamie BRENNER, JAMIE

Bayou book thief / Byron, Ellen BYRON, ELLEN Vintage 1

A catered doggie wedding / Crawford, Isis CRAWFORD, ISIS Recipes 17

Never the wind / Dimitri, Francesco DIMITRI, FRANCESCO

Monkey in the middle / Estleman, Loren D. ESTLEMAN, LOREN Amos 30

Red on the river / Feehan, Christine FEEHAN, CHRISTINE

Death by beach read / Gates, Eva GATES, EVA Lighthouse 9

Listen to me : a novel / Gerritsen, Tess GERRITSEN, TESS Rizzoli 13

Movieland / Goldberg, Lee GOLDBERG, LEE Eve Ronin 4

Sound of darkness / Graham, Heather GRAHAM, HEATHER Krewe 36

Armored / Greaney, Mark GREANEY, MARK Joshua 1

The locked room / Griffiths, Elly GRIFFITHS, ELLY Ruth 14

Sparring partners / Grisham, John GRISHAM, JOHN Jake 4

I'll be seeing you : a novel / Hatcher, Robin Lee HATCHER, ROBIN

The Hotel Nantucket : a novel / Hilderbrand, Elin HILDERBRAND, ELIN

Verity / Hoover, Colleen HOOVER, COLLEEN

The girl who survived / Jackson, Lisa JACKSON, LISA

Come and see / Jenkins, Jerry B. JENKINS, JERRY Chosen 2

A face to die for / Johansen, Iris JOHANSEN, IRIS Eve Duncan 28

The boardwalk bookshop / Mallery, Susan MALLERY, SUSAN

Unfailing love / Oke, Janette OKE, JANETTE Hope Calls 3

Robert B. Parker's revenge tour / Lupica, Mike PARKER, ROBERT Sunny 10

Escape / Patterson, James PATTERSON, JAMES Black Book 3

Red warning : a novel / Quirk, Matthew QUIRK, MATTHEW

Nightwork / Roberts, Nora ROBERTS, NORA

The house across the lake : a novel / Sager, Riley SAGER, RILEY

Suspects : a novel / Steel, Danielle STEEL, DANIELLE

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