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New Adult Fiction January 2024

Fangirl down

Always remember

Death of a spy

Dead in Long Beach, California


Anna O

The atlas complex

The missing witness

On the way to us

Harbor lights : stories

The friendship club

The storm we made

The silence in her eyes

One in a million

The sign of four spirits

The busy body

When the jessamine grows

Mrs. Quinn's rise to fame

The fearless one

The seamstress of Acadie

The Wharton plot

Dream town


Amish love letters

The last love note

Goodbye girl

Deep freeze


The heiress

Calling on the matchmaker

Front sight : three Swagger novellas

The year of goodbyes and hellos

Where you end

The fairytale life of Dorothy Gale

The pomegranate gate

The ghost orchid

The lantern's dance

A winter by the sea

The bad weather friend

The night island


The frozen river

The book of fire

The fourth rule

House of flame and shadow

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

Old crimes : and other stories


Never lie

Mislaid in parts half-known

The fury

The fetishist

Irish milkshake murder

Holmes, Marple & Poe


Missing persons



The academy

Come and get it

Random in death

Wild and distant seas

The worst best man

The bright spot

Lost hours

Murder crossed her mind

Upside down

The last caretaker

California bear

Dead man's hand

The Second Chance Year

The secret of the lady's maid

Only if you're lucky

Beyond what is given

Hallowed ground

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