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New Adult Fiction - July 2023

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Birder, she wrote - ANDREWS, DONNA Meg 33

The spare room - BARTZ, ANDREA

The Paris assignment - BOWEN, RHYS

Out of nowhere - BROWN, SANDRA

Flags on the bayou - BURKE, JAMES

An evil heart - CASTILLO, LINDA Kate 15

Honey drop dead - CHILDS, LAURA Tea 26

The laws of attraction - CONNEALY, MARY Wyoming 2

A twisted love story - DOWNING, SAMANTHA

Fleur-de-lis - EDEN, SARAH Gents 3

The best summer of our lives - HAUCK, RACHEL

Hiss me deadly - JAMES, MIRANDA Cat 15

On Earth as it is on television - JANE, EMILY

After death - KOONTZ, DEAN

A crown of ivy and glass - LEGRAND, CLAIRE Middlemist 1

The wife app - MACKLER, CAROLYN

Must love flowers - MACOMBER, DEBBIE

Have you seen her - MCKENZIE, CATHERINE

The quiet tenant - MICHALLON, CLÉMENCE

The mostly true story of Tanner & Louise - OAKLEY, COLLEEN

Circle of death - PATTERSON, JAMES Shadow 2

You were always mine - PRIDE, CHRISTINE

Inside threat - QUIRK, MATTHEW

The bone hacker - REICHS, KATHY Temperance 22

Flop dead gorgeous - ROSENFELT, DAVID Andy 27

The sweetheart list - SHALVIS, JILL Sunrise 4

The collector - SILVA, DANIEL Gabriel 23

Zero days - WARE, RUTH

Welcome to Beach Town - WIGGS, SUSAN

The beach at Summerly - WILLIAMS, BEATRIZ

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