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New Adult Fiction June 2024

Summers at the Saint

Don't let the devil ride : a novel

All my secrets

Return to blood

Red star falling

You'll never find me

Mistakes we never made


The British booksellers : a novel of the Forgotten Blitz

Red sky mourning

Act of defiance

The heist

The next Mrs. Parrish : a novel

Five broken blades


A daughter of fair Verona

Iron star

If something happens to me : a novel

The midnight feast : a novel

The love shack

The proposal plot

Shadow heart

Crow talk : a novel

Market for murder


The second coming : a novel

The house that horror built

Look on the bright side


Our little secret

The return of Ellie Black : a novel


While the town slept

The paradise problem

The silverblood promise

Better left unsent : a novel

The last hope

For the love of Summer

How the light gets in : a novel

The surrogate mother

The housemaid

The housemaid is watching

Love at first book


The wealth of shadows : a novel

The summer swap

Farewell, Amethystine

1795 : the order of the furies : a novel

Butcher : [father of modern gyno-psychiatry]

Lost ark dreaming

A choice considered

Some murders in Berlin

Home is where the bodies are

Dog day afternoon

When among crows

The guncle abroad : a novel

The underground library : a novel

The blast from the past

Last house : or the age of oil

A Death in Cornwall

Miss Morgan's book brigade

Resurrection : a novel

I hope this finds you well : a novel

All the glimmering stars : a novel

Long island : a novel

One perfect couple

The thermopylae protocol

The last time she saw him : a novel


The story of Edgar Sawtelle : a novel


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