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New Adult Fiction March 2024

Visions of flesh and blood

The hidden life of Cecily Larson

The deepest kill

In sunshine or in shadow

No man's land

Murder in the tea leaves

The heart's shelter

Chasing the horizon

A catered quilting bee

The Irish matchmaker

First lie wins

End of story

Lost and found

Good half gone

Crime and cherry pits

Still see you everywhere

The foxhole victory tour


Float up, sing down : stories

Kill me tomorrow

What feasts at night


The disappearance of Astrid Bricard

The teacher

The inmate

The wild side

The antique hunter's guide to murder

The rumor game

Murder at an Irish chippper

Wandering stars

The guest

The #1 lawyer

A love discovered

The price you pay

One wrong move

Simply the best

Last night

One wrong word


The truth about the Devlins

Nowhere like home

The eye of darkness

Embers in the London sky

Burma sahib

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