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New Adult Fiction May 2024

Disturbing the dead

A calamity of souls

I will ruin you : a novel

The familiar

The devil's fortress

The widow spy : a novel

The house on Biscayne Bay

Think twice

One of us knows : a thriller

The instruments of darkness

Evergreen Christmas

The sweet blue distance

A killing on the hill : a thriller

I cheerfully refuse : a novel

The beautiful people : a novel

Death behind every door

The husbands : a novel

Camino ghosts

The evolution of Annabel Craig : a novel

Lights, camera, bones

Sandcastle Inn

What cannot be said

Funny story

Darling girls

Lost birds

Life, loss, and puffins

I have called you by name

First frost

Beans, bourbon, and blood

The angry land

You like it darker : stories

She's not sorry

A game of lies

Safe and sound : a novel

Daughter of mine : a novel

Circle in the water

The murder inn

The 24th hour

With each tomorrow


Mind games

The catcher in the rye

Pinquickle's folly

The songbird of Hope Hill : a novel

The Titanic Survivors Book Club : a novel

The corpse in the closet

The poison pen

Mania : a novel

Star Wars : the living force

Only the brave : a novel

The Wild Lavender bookshop

The Wartime Book Club

The little wartime library

Listen for the lie

Table for two : fictions

The gathering : a novel

The last murder at the end of the world : a novel

Christa comes out of her shell

A noble scheme

City in ruins : a novel

The comfort of ghosts

Stuart Wood's smolder

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