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New Adult Non-fiction September - October

The old farmer's almanac 2023

SmART : use your eyes to boost your brain

Herman, Amy - 153.42 HER

Sacred nature : restoring our ancient bond with the natural world

Armstrong, Karen - 202 ARM

Your greater is coming : discover the path to your bigger, better, and brighter future

Osteen, Joel - 248 OST

Help is here : finding fresh strength and purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit

Lucado, Max - 248.4 LUC

The chaos machine : the inside story of how social media rewired our minds and our world

Fisher, Max - 302.231 FIS

Digital madness : how social media is driving our mental health crisis—and how to restore our sanity

Kardaras, Nicholas - 302.231 KAR

Killing the legends : the lethal danger of celebrity

O'Reilly, Bill - 306.48 ORI

It's not me, it's you : break the blame cycle. relationship better

Kim, John - 306.7 KIM

Get it together : organize your records so your family won't have to

Cullen, Melanie - 332.024 CUL

Like, comment, subscribe : inside YouTube's chaotic rise to world dominance

Bergen, Mark - 338.7 BER

You are not alone : the NAMI Guide to navigating mental health

Duckworth, Ken - 362.2 DUC

American demon : Eliot Ness and the hunt for America's Jack the Ripper

Stashower, Daniel - 364.1523 STA

The biggest ideas in the universe : space, time, and motion

Carroll, Sean M. - 530.11 CAR

How to speak whale : a voyage into the future of animal communication

Mustill, Tom - 591.59 MUS

The great age reboot : cracking the longevity code for a younger tomorrow

Roizen, Michael F. - 612.68 ROI

A silent fire : the story of inflammation, diet, and disease

Ravella, Shilpa - 616.0473 RAV

The year of the puppy : how dogs become themselves

Horowitz, Alexandra - 636.707 HOR

The cat behavior answer book : understanding how cats think, why they do what they do, and how to strengthen our relationships with them

Moore, Arden - 636.8 MOO

Go-to dinners : make ahead, freeze ahead, prep ahead, easy assembled

Garten, Ina - 641.5 GAR

Simply genius : recipes for beginners, busy cooks & curious people

Miglore, Kristen - 641.5 MIG

How to cook everything fast : great food in 30 minutes or less

Bittman, Mark - 641.512 BIT

The simply happy cookbook : nothing complicated -- everything delicious!

Doocy, Steve - 641.512 DOO

Dinner in one : exceptional and easy one-pan meals

Clark, Melissa - 641.555 CLA

Whole food for your family : 100+ simple, budget-friendly meals

Michaelis, Autumn - 641.563 MIC

Danielle Walker's healthy in a hurry : real life, real food, real fast

Walker, Danielle - 641.5635 WAL

The Mediterranean dish : 120 bold and healthy recipes you'll make on repeat

Karadsheh, Suzy - 641.591 KAR

Modern bistro : home cooking inspired by French classics

America's Test Kitchen - 641.5944 AME

Jacques Pépin: art of the chicken : a master chef's paintings, stories, and recipes of the humble bird

Pépin, Jacques - 641.665 PEP

Nadiya's everyday baking

Hussain, Nadiya - 641.7 HUS

Evolutions in bread : artisan pan breads and dutch-oven loaves at home

Forkish, Ken - 641.815 FOR

Savory baking : recipes for breakfast, dinner, and everything in between

McDowell, Erin Jeanne - 641.815 MCD

Simple pasta : pasta made easy

Williams, Odette - 641.822 WIL

Sheet pan sweets : simple, streamlined dessert recipes

Gilbert, Molly - 641.86 GIL

Christmas with Southern Living 2022 : inspired ideas for holiday cooking & decorating

This is what it sounds like : what the music you love says about you

Rogers, Susan - 781.11 ROG

The big bang theory : the definitive, inside story of the epic hit series

Radloff, Jessica - 791.4572 RAD

Inside Bridgerton

Rhimes, Shonda - 791.4572 RHI

The grandest stage : a history of the World Series

Kepner, Tyler - 796.357 KEP

Starry messenger : cosmic perspectives on civilization

Tyson, Neil deGrasse - 901 TYS

Indigenous continent : the epic contest for North America

Hämäläinen, Pekka - 970.00497 HÄM

Illustrated Black history : honoring the iconic and the unseen

McCalman, George - 973.0496 MCC

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