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New adult nonfiction - May 2022

Updated: Jun 7, 2022


Steinberg, Joseph

Inspired : understanding creativity: a journey through art, science, and the soul

Richtel, Matt

Breaking the age code : how your beliefs about aging determine how long & well you live

Levy, Becca

Own your past, change your future : a not-so-complicated approach to relationships, mental health, and wellness

Delony, John

Unmasked : my life solving America's cold cases

Holes, Paul

Binge times : inside Hollywood's furious billion-dollar battle to take down Netflix

Hayes, Dade

The upgrade : how the female brain gets stronger and better in midlife and beyond

Brizendine, Louann

Uniquely Human : A Different Way of Seeing Autism

Aircraft : The Definitive Visual History

Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)

Grounded : a gardener's journey to abundance & self-sufficiency

Zorab, Liz

The Lazy Genius kitchen : have what you need, use what you have, and enjoy it like never before

Adachi, Kendra

The world in a skillet

Kimball, Christopher

Boards : stylish spreads for casual gatherings

That noodle life : soulful, savory, spicy, slurpy

Le, Mike

Sweet Paris : seasonal recipes from an American baker in France

Barron, Frank Adrian

How to keep house while drowning : a gentle approach to cleaning and organizing

Davis, KC

The Puzzler : one man's quest to solve the most baffling puzzles ever, from crosswords to jigsaws to the meaning of life

Jacobs, A. J.

The palace papers : inside the House of Windsor--the truth and the turmoil

Brown, Tina

Silent invasion : the untold story of the Trump administration, Covid-19, and preventing the next pandemic before it's too late

Birx, Deborah L.

The Midwest survival guide : how we talk, love, work, drink, and eat...everything with ranch

Berens, Charlie

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