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New adult nonfiction June-August 2022

153.6 LIE Mindreader by Lieberman, David J.

220.9 HAZ Ancient aliens in the Bible by Haze, Xaviant

302.2242 MOR Listening well by Morris, Heather

303.48 BAL The Metaverse by Ball, Matthew

306.43 KAM The stolen year by Kamenetz, Anya

320.014 PFE Battling the big lie by Pfeiffer, Dan

320.973 MAR This will not pass by Martin, Jonathan

332 PIK Debt : the first 5,000 years by Graeber, David

364.152 LOW Deer Creek Drive by Lowry, Beverly

364.163 KEE Rogues by Keefe, Patrick

500 ROV There are places in the world by Rovelli, Carlo

508 RIN Outdoor kids in an inside world by Rinella, Steven

523.1 MCT The Milky Way by McTier, Moiya

523.1 MER Before the big bang by Mersini-Houghton, Laura

572 LAN Transformer by Lane, Nick

591.5 YON An immense world by Yong, Ed

595.79 SUM Endless forms by Sumner, Seirian

598.29778 TEK Birds of Missouri field guide by Tekiela, Stan

598.944 MON The hawk's way by Montgomery, Sy

610 URB Dare to be a green witch by Urban, Ehris

612.8 JEB How the mind changed by Jebelli, Joseph

612.8 PRA The neuroscience of you by Prat, Chantel

613.25 SIS Two meals a day cookbook by Sisson, Mark

613.69 HUN Native American survival skills by Hunt, W. Ben

631.4 MON What your food ate by Montgomery, David

635 BÖH The month-by-month gardening guide by Böhmig, Franz

635 DEL Four-season food gardening by Dela Llana, Misilla

635 LAV How to create a wildlife garden by Lavelle, Christine

635 MCC Grow more food by McCrate, Colin

635 VAT The elegant & edible garden by Vater, Linda

635 WAT Gardening for everyone by Watkins, Julia

635.642 ALE Ten tomatoes that changed the world by Alexander, William

635.9 COW Plant grow harvest repeat by Cowden, Meg

635.9 ROM How to garden indoors... by Roman, Kim

635.967 CAR The ultimate flower gardener's guide by Carey, Jenny

640 KEN The little book of cottagecore by Kent, Emily

641.3 BRO Foraging the Ozarks by Brown, Bo

641.5 TAS Make this tonight by Tastemade (Firm)

641.5636 SHU Plant-based India by Shukla, Sheil

641.5942 BRA Delicious Disney by Brandon, Pam

641.815 HOL Bake : my best ever recipes for the classics by Hollywood, Paul

658.45 JAC The playbook by Jacquet, Jennifer

791.4365 GRO They shouldn't have killed his dog by Gross, Edward

793.2 CAR Feasts & festivities by Carroll, Jennifer

793.93 RIG Slaying the dragon by Riggs, Ben

943.086 MAZ Sisters in resistance by Mazzeo, Tilar

973.931 ORE Killing the killers : the secret war against terrorists by O'Reilly, Bill

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