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New Adult Nonfiction January/February 2024

Witchcraft : a history in thirteen trials

Gibson, Marion

Moon shot : a NASA astronaut's guide to achieving the impossible

Massimino, Mike

Until the streetlights come on : how a return to play brightens our present and prepares kids for an uncertain future

Yurich, Ginny

Your pocket therapist : break free from old patterns and transform your life

Zimmerman Annie (Psychotherapist)

45 ways to live like an Italian : Italian-inspired self-care traditions for everyday happiness

Mautner, Raeleen D'Agostino

How to be the love you seek : break cycles, find peace + heal your relationships

LePera, Nicole

Infectious generosity : the ultimate idea worth spreading

Anderson, Chris

Food, Inc. : how industrial food is making us sicker, fatter and poorer -- and what you can do about it

Food, Inc. inside the quest for a better future for food 2

The new bankruptcy : will it work for you?

O'Neill, Cara (Lawyer)

Sailing the graveyard sea : the deathly voyage of the Somers, the U.S. Navy's only mutiny, and the trial that gripped the nation

Snow, Richard

What's wrong? : personal histories of chronic pain and bad medicine

Williams, Erin

How to eat to change how you drink : heal your gut, mend your mind, and improve nutrition to change your relationship with alcohol

Scheller, Brooke

The Amish wife : unraveling the lies, secrets, and conspiracy that let a killer go free

Olsen, Gregg

Maximize your Medicare : qualify for benefits, protect your health, and minimize your costs

Oh, Jae W.

The secret world of weather : how to read signs in every cloud, breeze, hill, street, plant, animal, and dewdrop

Gooley, Tristan

Crystalpedia : the wisdom, history, and the healing power of more than 180 sacred stones

Perrakis, Athena

Quantum body : the new science of living a longer, healthier, more vital life

Chopra, Deepak

How not to age : the scientific approach to getting healthier as you get older

Greger, Michael

Sugarless : a 7-step plan to uncover hidden sugars, curb your cravings, and conquer your addiction

Avena, Nicole M.

The wisdom of plagues : lessons from 25 years of covering pandemics

McNeil, Donald G. Jr

The home herbal : restorative herbal recipes for the mind, body, and soul

Chevallier, Andrew

The mind-gut-immune connection : understanding how food impacts our mind, our microbiome, and our immunity

Mayer, Emeran A.

The official MIND diet : a scientifically based program to lose weight and prevent Alzheimer's disease

Morris, Martha Clare

Calm your mind with food : a revolutionary guide to controlling your anxiety

Naidoo, Uma

Dr. Susan Love's breast book

Love, Susan M.

American wings : Chicago's pioneering Black aviators and the race for equality in the sky

Smith, Sherri L.

How to read a tree : clues and patterns from bark to leaves : learn to navigate by branches, locate water with a leaf, and unlock other secrets in trees

Gooley, Tristan

How not to kill your houseplant : survival tips for the horticulturally challenged

Peerless, Veronica

Barking up the right tree : the science and practice of positive dog training

Dunbar, Ian

The self-sufficient life and how to live it : the classic back-to-basics guide to going off the grid

Seymour, John

Start here : instructions for becoming a better cook

El-Waylly, Sohla

Big heart, little stove : bringing home meals & moments from The Lost Kitchen

French, Erin (Chef)

Basics with Babish : recipes for screwing up, trying again, and hitting it out of the park

Rea, Andrew

Big bites : wholesome, comforting recipes that are big on flavor, nourishment, and fun

Ashmore, Kat

30-minute meal prep : 100 healthy and delicious recipes to eat all week

Miller, Robin

Milk Street simple

Kimball, Christopher

The official Veganuary cookbook : 100 amazing vegan recipes for everyone!

Veganuary (Charities)

5 ingredients Mediterranean

Oliver, Jamie

Praisesong for the kitchen ghosts : stories and recipes from five generations of black country cooks

Wilkinson, Crystal

The core of an onion : peeling the rarest common food -- featuring more than 100 historical recipes

Kurlansky, Mark

The beginner's guide to cosplay armor & props : craft epic fantasy costumes and accessories with EVA foam

Van den Goor, Joyce.

Handmade Renaissance Faire fashion : 20+ patterns for crafting faire-ready capes, cloaks, and crowns--the authentic way!

Vicario, Mara A.

A dirty guide to a clean home : housekeeping hacks you can't live without

Pateras, Melissa Dilkes

The 5 principles of parenting : your essential guide to raising good humans

Pressman, Aliza

The month-by-month baby book : in-depth, monthly advice on your baby's growth, care, and development in the first year

Starting a business 101 : from creating a business plan and sticking to a budget to marketing and making a profit, your essential primer to starting a business

Cagan, Michele

InstaKnits for baby

Leapman, Melissa

Customize your cross-stitch : friends and family : learn to customize, prepare, stitch, and finish your very own personalized cross-stitch creations

Dabczynski-Bean, Elizabeth

Elvis and the Colonel : an insider's look at the most legendary partnership in show business

McDonald, Greg

The lost art of reading nature's signs : use outdoor clues to find your way, predict the weather, locate water, track animals -- and other forgotten skills

Gooley, Tristan.

The rest is history : history's most curious questions answered

Holland, Tom

The travel hack handbook : how to make the most of your trip for your budget

Bindloss, Joseph

Fodor's New York City 2024

Zion & Bryce

Silver, Maya

The lost tomb : and other real-life stories of bones, burials, and murder

Preston, Douglas J.

Silent cavalry : how Union soldiers from Alabama helped Sherman burn Atlanta--and then got written out of history

Raines, Howell

Oath and honor : a memoir and a warning

Cheney, Liz

What really happens in Vegas : true stories of the people who make Vegas, Vegas

Patterson, James

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