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Got a mystery to solve?

Don't get stumped.


Shawn and Gus are back and ready to help!!! You've seen him solve unsolvable crimes, stop unstoppable killers, and consume unconsumable breakfast cereals. Now Shawn Spencer, the mastermind from TV's hit show Psych, shows you how to become a fake psychic - and a real detective - using his patented methods of crime-fighting awesomeness. Along the way, he'll help you deal with whiny sidekicks (that means you, Gus), interfering police officers (including but not limited to Chief Vick, Lassiter, Henry, Buzz MacNab, and, ah, Juliet). You will learn:

  • How to convince your sidekick that he's really your partner

  • How to pick up women at a crime scene

  • Shawn's Stakeout Survival Guide, including sensible snacks

  • Gus's Scream-and-Run Method for confronting criminals

  • Unsolved mysteries like who stole Shawn's Sno-Caps in third grade

Available in the nonfiction section at your library!

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